Tallman Pool & Beach Club is much more than a traditional “swim club”. We offer all the options that a traditional club does without an expensive bond required to join. With a full size Olympic swimming pool as well as a kiddie pool with water feature, whether you are a single professional looking for somewhere to relax, swim, and sun bath or a family looking for fun for the kids and adults, you’ve come to the right club. On top of all that we ALSO offer all the amenities of a private resort, right in your backyard. With a full bar, food services, sun bathing beach with expansive views of the Hudson River in a serene private nature setting amongst the Tallman Mountain NY State Park.

Our team is passionate about the preservation of this wonderful land while offering a way for us to enjoy its beauty during the summer. Take a few minutes to meet our team and say hello when you visit the club.

Joe Agnello will manage the operation, direct all training programs, market the pool to regional swim clubs and schools, and coordinate the use of the pool by swim clubs, nonprofit groups and individuals seeking specialized training.


William Procida
Visionary and Investor

William Procida is president of Procida Funding & Advisors, LLC. He has been an independent entrepreneur since 1981. Procida Funding was founded in 1995 and is based in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. The firm specializes in providing management and capital for both distressed and value added situations. In 2002, WPI became the founding member and majority shareholder of Palisades Financial (“Palisades”), which formed and managed two private equity funds. Palisades invested and managed over 100 positions including bridge and mezzanine loans. Loans and equity positions were made in excess of 1.5 billion dollars. The funds’ returns to investors exceeded 15 percent annually since 2002. These investments covered a broad range of asset classes throughout the U.S., including ski resorts, transportation companies, hotels, manufacturing facilities, chemical plants, as well as conventional real estate asset classes.

In March 2008, Mr. Procida sold his interest in Palisades and resumed activities under Procida Funding, which most notably completed assignments for GMAC Mortgage Group and Ritchie Capital.
Prior to forming Procida Funding, Mr. Procida was co-president of The Procida Organization (“TPO”) located in New York City. TPO ran 4 divisions: construction, real estate development, real estate brokerage, and mortgage brokerage. The firm employed over 100 people and grew from $2 million in sales in 1982 to over $70 million in sales in 1994, with all years profitable. As a contractor, the firm constructed most asset classes and was one of New York City’s premier development companies, winning numerous awards including the New York City Developer of the Year award. Mr. Procida was only 32 years old at this time. During this period, Mr. Procida borrowed and personally guaranteed and repaid over $100 million. In 1990, Mr. Procida took a leave of absence from TPO to take on a full-time assignment with the Trump Organization. Mr. Procida reported directly to Mr. Donald Trump on investments, including casinos, airlines, real estate development, and sports franchises.

Mr. Procida also had an impressive 10 year period as principal of Procida Development/Procida Construction Corporations. Read more.
Mr. Procidas’ career has been covered extensively by the press and he has appeared on numerous televised broadcasts. He has lectured on business at numerous colleges and industry association meetings and has been on the board of several non-profit organizations.