Mighty Spectrum

The Mighty SPECTRUM Band has a long standing reputation as the most dynamic band in the NY/NJ area. As one of the premier acts from the shores of NJ to the beaches of

Funk Junkies

Not all FUNK is created equal, some times you’ll find something missing. A beat with no syncopation, bass with no grooooooooove, vocals with no soul. Therefor leaving the musical listener with a severe

Wig Jam

Known for their extreme passion, eclectic nature, and sharp sense of rock-and-roll history, Wigjam is a unique jam band that has been performing throughout the tri-state area for over 25 years. Wigjam has

Stone Flower

A shared vision to create a truly authentic, high energy tribute to Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame artist, Carlos Santana, resulted in the formation of The StoneFlower Band in 2010. The name


Tikets sold online $10 or at the gate $15 CLICK HERE