Mighty Spectrum

The Mighty SPECTRUM Band has a long standing reputation as the most dynamic band in the NY/NJ area. As one of the premier acts from the shores of NJ to

Funk Junkies

Not all FUNK is created equal, some times you’ll find something missing. A beat with no syncopation, bass with no grooooooooove, vocals with no soul. Therefor leaving the musical listener

Wig Jam

Known for their extreme passion, eclectic nature, and sharp sense of rock-and-roll history, Wigjam is a unique jam band that has been performing throughout the tri-state area for over 25

Stone Flower

A shared vision to create a truly authentic, high energy tribute to Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame artist, Carlos Santana, resulted in the formation of The StoneFlower Band in


Tikets sold online $10 or at the gate $15 CLICK HERE