1.Is the Club open to the public?

We exist within the Tallman Mountain State Park which means we must be open to the public. Day passes are available until we reach capacity, and season passes are available for individuals, couples, and families up to five.

2.What are the benefits of a Season Pass?
•Discount on food and beverage
•Guaranteed entry for you and your guests every day

3.What are the features for the Club?

Features include:
•Sand beach front facing the Hudson River that flows into the Kiddie Pool
•A family friendly food and beverage service
•Upgrades to locker rooms and bathrooms
•A bandstand for live music
4.What are the hours of operation?

The Club and the pools will open Memorial Day 2017 and the pools will stay open through Labor Day, while the club stays open through October 2016 for Special Events.

5.Private Events

Please contact Joe @ Joe@nococatering.com or 845-445-7332 to book a private event.